Materials for the Restoration of Historical Buildings

European Research Programmes

1. ΝΑΤΟ SfS “Materials for consolidation and restoration of monuments and historical buildings. Development of criteria for their suitability for intervention”, Funding: ΝΑΤΟ (1993-1999)

2. EC-FORTMED “Restoration and use of the Early Medieval Fortifications in the East Mediterranean Countries”, Funding: European Commission, GSRT (2000-2003)

3. Leonardo da Vinci (European Comission–ICCROM), “Postgraduate Programme in Science for conservation”, Funding: European Commission (2000-2003)

4. CULTURE 2000-PHAROS “Holistic Strategy for the Preservation, Restoration and Integration in the life of the modern societies of old European Masonry Lighthouses-Pharos”, Funding: European Commission (2004-2007)

5. Marie Curie-EPISCON “European PhD in Science for conservation’’, Funding: European Commission (2005-2009)