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The Laboratory of Building Materials, School of  Civil Engineering, AUTh,  has long-term research activity in the fields of:

    -Design, promotion of innovative building materials with   low environmental footprint
    -Analysis of historical materials, design of compatible materials
    -Monitoring of constructions
(reinforced concrete and masonry)

where the following services are provided:

    - analysis of concrete, mortar mixtures

    - design, testing of special applications materials (concrete, mortar) using admixtures and nanotechnology products

    - utilization of industrial by-products in construction

    - optimization of functional properties of building materials

    - analysis, characterization of historical materials (mortars, stones, bricks)

    - design, testing of compatible materials for the restoration of monuments, historical buildings

    - monitoring of concrete and masonry (NDT application, pathology mapping)

    - study of materials, techniques for restoration and conservation

ISO certification

The purpose of the Quality Management System implemented by the Laboratory and designed according to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001/2000 is the development and continuous improvement of the research and implementation of studies and analyzes of building materials.

The Laboratory of Building Materials commits that the tests performed are reliable according to the case-by-case standards.
The scientific and technical staff of the Laboratory makes continuous effort to upgrade the equipment and its maintenance.

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